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"I can’t wait to get all my friends from every part of my life connected. I’m going to invite my old friends from camp and college so that it will be so much easier to stay in touch with people from afar."

-- Lisa, 22

"I can’t wait to get all of my Jewish friends connected on ChosenNet. It will be so much easier to get a group together to go out for a beer on a Wednesday afternoon (ah, the life of a college senior) or to meet new people through friends of friends when I graduate from UCLA and move to . . . ehhem . . . wherever.  What a cool site."

-- Raziel, 21

"This is great!!  Now I can meet cool new Jewish people all across the country and in Boston through my friends. It’s so easy.  We just need to get everyone on here and for “everyone” to invite“ everyone” they know-J I've also loved playing Yenta and now ChosenNet gives me the chance to match chosen friend with chosen friend."

-- Sara, 26

"What an interesting concept - everyone should check ChosenNet out.  Once we get our friends to invite their friends and so on, this will be an amazing source to meet new people and reconnect with old camp buddies."

-- Alex, 21

"The site will be great for finding people I have long since lost touch with from camp, Israel trips, Model Congress, etc. Its also great to expand my circles because quite honestly, my high school friends just aren't that much fun anymore and after college it is pretty easy to get into a rut. Plus, new friends don't know I got a hair piece!"

-- Adam, 26



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